Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – March 27

This week on Lights Online, we revamped our Tiffany Lighting 101 lesson post to add some more fun facts about that iconic and beautiful style of lamps. We also did some collaborating, pairing up with Inspired LED to showcase bathroom lighting ideas (next up: outdoor lighting) and offering Mr. Cabinet Care fans some advice on how […]

This eye-popping 3D design is actually a display for chocolate. Mmm...See more at LightsOnline Blog.

Bathroom lighting ideas with Inspired LED - LightsOnline Blog

Bathroom Lighting Ideas with Inspired LED 1

Here’s the third part of the collaboration between Lights Online and Inspired LED! (Previously, we looked at kitchen lighting ideas and living room lighting ideas.) Now we’re going to spotlight some smart and eye-catching ideas for lighting the bathroom using light fixtures you can find from Lights Online and Inspired LED. To put it simply, great lighting is extremely important in the bathroom. […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – March 20   Recently updated !

Happy first day of spring! (Although it might not feel that way for those who are dealing with another snowfall…) This week on Lights Online, we asked which 2015 color of the year you like best. Blue Paisley is in the lead right now. We also showed you 6 ways to get stylish bronze lighting […]

This light fixture literally opens and closes like a flower. See more on LightsOnline Blog.

9 Bronze Lighting Ideas from Houzz - LightsOnline Blog

6 Bronze Lighting Ideas from Houzz

Houzz is a great site for a lot of different reasons and one we definitely use frequently here at Lights Online. One of their many great features is Shop Houzz, which is a selection of items that fit a certain theme. (Recent themes include Easter, chinoiserie and aquamarine, for example.) A lot of the freshest Shop […]

What’s Your Favorite 2015 Color of the Year? 1

Back in November, as paint and design companies released their 2015 Color of the Year selections, we showcased a selection of these colors and looked at how they can be used in various spaces. Now that a few months have passed and you’ve probably seen these colors at work in more rooms and spaces, we want […]

What's your favorite 2015 color of the year? Visit LightsOnline Blog to vote.

Drawing natural inspirations, this hotel looks totally gorgeous. Read more on LightsOnline Blog!

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – March 13

This week, we kicked off with a look at lights showcased in Enlightenment Magazine’s March 2015 issue. We also took a look at 22 new Quoizel introductions that run the style gamut from cutting-edge industrial to elegant Tiffany. Now that the week is over, it might be Friday the 13th, but you’re in luck–we’re going […]

22 New Lights from Quoizel

We’ve been adding a lot of cool, stylish new lighting by Quoizel to Lights Online lately. Family-owned Quoizel is known for their high-quality workmanship and fashionable lighting looks that are sure to beautify any space! Let’s take a closer look at 22 new additions from Quoizel that just might become your new favorite decor detail. Tavern: […]

22 New Lights from Quoizel - LightsOnline Blog

Great Lighting from Enlightenment Magazine, March 2015 - LightsOnline Blog

Great Lighting from Enlightenment Magazine, March 2015 1

Have you taken a look at the new March 2015 issue of Enlightenment Magazine? This month’s issue features a lot of really intriguing lighting, including fixtures you can find right here on Lights Online. Check out the latest issue and then learn more about some of the stylish looks. From the Showroom Standouts article, which also […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – March 6

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on our site, but we did take time to congratulate the winner of our Property Brothers chandelier giveaway and check out how wall sconces can enlighten the bedside. We also picked up 10 design inspirations to help you end the week on a high note. Without further ado… […]

A new LED light system makes this 1000-year-old church look stunning. Read more on LightsOnline Blog.


Bedroom Lighting Ideas: Wall Sconces at the Bedside 1

Looking for a way to free up tabletop space but still get great lighting at your bedside? Why not try these bedroom lighting ideas: add wall sconces or wall lamps! These small, wall-mounted lights combine sleek style with a punch of lighting power. The main difference is that wall lamps often have adjustable arms and wall […]