Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – February 27

As we move into the month of March, this is your last chance to enter our Property Brothers chandelier giveaway because it ends at midnight Eastern on March 1! This week, we also spotted a stylish lake house with lighting you can find from Lights Online, plus we were featured in the popular Cathy Hobbs Design […]

This is actually the office of an information security adviser! See more about this steampunk space on LightsOnline Blog.

This country cottage kitchen is transformed by Cathy Hobbs with lighting from Lights Online! See more on LightsOnline Blog.

See Us on Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes!

We recently teamed up with Cathy Hobbs, an award-winning interior designer who practices in New York City, to have our lighting products featured in a country cottage kitchen renovation she did as part of her TV show, Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes. Design Recipes airs on PIX 11′s top-rated morning news show in NYC, but if […]

Lighting Ideas from a Glamorous Kitchen and Bath 1

Every Sunday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper has a special section called Homefinder, which features articles about home decor, tips for prospective home buyers and tours of beautiful homes around the city. This week showcased a home near Lake Lanier, which is northeast of the city itself. The three-level home was custom-built to fulfill the needs […]

Savoy House Glass Orb pendants in a beautiful Atlanta-area kitchen. See more on LightsOnline Blog!

Barcelona celebrates its patron saint with gorgeous lighting displays. See more on LightsOnline Blog.

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – February 20

This week, it has grown very cold, especially by the relaxed Southern standards of cold that we’re used to around here. While we hope for the eventual return of some more normal winter weather, we did a collaboration about living room lighting with (Phoenix-based!) Inspired LED and our headquarters had a visit from the Waffle […]

Living Room Lighting Ideas with Inspired LED 2

Here’s the second part of a collaboration between Lights Online and Inspired LED! (Previously, we looked at kitchen lighting ideas.) We’re going to take a look at some smart ideas for lighting the living room using light fixtures you can find from Lights Online and Inspired LED. Much like the kitchen, the living room is […]

Living room lighting ideas with Inspired LED - LightsOnline Blog

You have to read about how this incredible photo of Las Vegas was taken. Go to LightsOnline Blog.

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – February 13

This week features the back-to-back pairing of a Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day. So, before you try to shore up your luck or purchase some sweets for your honey, let’s end this week in style. Earlier this week, inspired by one of the Twitter chats I attend every week, I paired up lighting ideas […]

Lighting Ideas Inspired by Bradbury & Bradbury Wallpapers 1

Twitter chats are always something worth looking forward to because they are a great mix of intriguing topics and friendly, knowledgeable people who all have lots to add to the conversation. Tuesdays are #colorchat days, especially since this great chat moved from biweekly to every week! A recent #colorchat session had color specialist Donna Frasca […]

Lighting Ideas Inspired by Bradbury & Bradbury Wallpapers - LightsOnline Blog

Love this stylish picnic-style restaurant in Athens! Read more on LightsOnline Blog.

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – February 6

This week on Lights Online, we’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work that’s kept us from a lot of blogging, but we did write up a cool trend piece on how to get an A+ in style with geometric lighting. Our Property Brothers Atlanta season chandelier giveaway is still ongoing, so don’t forget to enter (and […]

Geometric Lighting Equals Great Style 1

I’ve never been great at advanced math and was especially challenged by geometry back when I took it, but the rise in geometric lighting looks has me rethinking the study of lines, angles and shapes. When applied to lighting, geometric looks oh so stunning and will definitely add some serious style into any space. Houzz agrees! In […]

Geometric lighting equals great style - LightsOnline Blog

This enormous cloud is made of old light bulbs! Read more on LightsOnline Blog.

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – January 30

This week at Lights Online, we did something big: we launched a giveaway of stylish Savoy House chandeliers featured on the Property Brothers Atlanta season. Enter to win your choice from 3 possible selections! We also published our first in a series of collaborative blog posts with Inspired LED, this one focusing on kitchen lighting […]