Red, White and Blue Lighting and Decor for Independence Day   Recently updated !

Do you want to bring a patriotic spirit into your home without going overboard on American flag designs? Do you also want to save money while doing so? You’re in luck! Lights Online has lots of great red, white and blue lighting and decor that’s just perfect for Independence Day. Plus, July brings with it […]

Red, White and Blue Lighting and Decor - Lights Online Blog

Can you believe this utterly stylish space is a fast food restaurant? See more on Lights Online Blog!

Design Inspirations – 10 Links You’ll Love: June 26

As another week draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at 10 design inspirations that all use light in different, inventive, totally awesome ways. LED mood lighting on planes LEDs are popping up in all sorts of applications, including on airplanes, where they can be used to create different moods–especially on longer […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – June 19

It’s going to officially become summer this coming Sunday (even though it has felt like summer here for some time already), so this week, we put together a guide to understanding the energy efficiency numbers associated with ceiling fans. Stay cool and save cash on your bills! We also took a look at the most […]

Super stylish meat-focused restaurant looks scrumptious. Read more on Lights Online Blog!

Quoizel Ribbons - Bestselling Quoizel products on Lights Online Blog

Top Products from Quoizel   Recently updated !

Because we’re at the midway point of the year (how did that happen? Wasn’t it just January yesterday? Time flies), Quoizel decided to take a look at the bestselling items in each of their various categories. We carry every one of these bestsellers at Lights Online! Here’s a look at each one–plus something at the […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – June 12

This week on Lights Online, we added gas lanterns to our wide selection of outdoor lights. Because gas is so different from electric, we also put together a guide to this style of illumination. Not only is it informative, it also contains fun trivia about how gas lights did things such as make live theater […]

Gorgeous bridge features a rise at the end for maximal viewing. Read more on Lights Online Blog.

Kichler Hayman Bay pendants - Lights Online Blog

Stylish Coastal Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a terrific way to bring–or add–a coastal feel to a kitchen. Elements such as textured woven shades, seashells, the use of rope and weathered finishes all come with such a breezy seaside appeal that you can almost smell the salty air. This roundup draws inspiration from this Houzz ideabook, which suggests trying textured […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – June 5

How did it get to be June all of a sudden? Can you believe it’s summertime? We have lots of great sales for summery lighting needs (including Savoy House ceiling fans and outdoor lights from many brands), plus a great roundup of coral motifs in lighting and decor if you want a little of the […]

Ethereal Flame lights appear to float in the air. Read more on Lights Online Blog.

Dimond Red Coral at Lights Online Blog

Cool Coral Lighting for Summertime

It’s June, so it’s time to get into a summery, coastal mood with your lighting and decor! The intricate and textured look of coral makes it great for adding color and intrigue to any room. Plus, once summer is over and it gets cold again, this roundup of coral lighting and decor will remind you that, hey, […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – May 29

While this was a short week due to Memorial Day, we still had the ability to collect 10 cool design inspirations for you. This is really a trip around the world, too: some of the locales here include England, China, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Spain and Canada. Travel the world without needing a passport and check […]

This gorgeous space is actually a proposed mall. Learn more about its cool features on Lights Online Blog.

Learn about shadow casting on Lights Online Blog!

Shadow Casting: The Beauty of Light and Shadow in Lighting

Maxim Lighting recently sent out an email that included many pictures of beautiful light fixtures, all of them sharing an intriguing trait: designs that create really dramatic, gorgeous light beams and shadows on the wall or ceiling. This phenomenon, explained Maxim, is called shadow casting. It’s just another way in which lighting is truly stunning. Why don’t […]