Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – April 24

This week, we celebrated Earth Day with lots of content about energy efficiency and LED lighting. We showed how LED lighting can be artful, talked about the organic Quoizel Naturals collection and shared some Hinkley LED outdoor lighting since it’s getting to be outdoors season. In addition to this collection of 10 design inspirations, there […]

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Hinkley LED Outdoor Lighting Showcase - LightsOnline Blog

Hinkley LED Outdoor Lighting for Your Great Outdoors

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to look at your outdoor living spaces and think about any improvements you might want to make. One great change to make, one that will pay off in many ways, is to get outdoor lighting that uses LED–whether by buying entirely new fixtures or replacing old ones. Hinkley […]

Quoizel Naturals for Earth Day and Every Day

Each April, we celebrate Earth Day and Quoizel celebrates by having a special sale on their Quoizel Naturals collection (save 10 percent with promo code QUOIZEL10). Naturals is a wide-ranging line of lighting that includes a lot of fixtures with elements from nature in them (hence the name), such as the use of rattan or […]

Quoizel Naturals for Earth Day and Every Day - LightsOnline Blog

LED Lighting as Art - LightsOnline Blog

LED Lighting As Art 1

Because it’s almost time for Earth Day, I wanted to spotlight some beautiful uses of LED lighting. There’s a lot to love about LED: it saves you energy (and money), it lights your home well and its slender design means that lighting manufacturers can create more artful fixtures that really make you rethink how lights […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – April 17

This week on Lights Online, we took a look at the glam new Quoizel Platinum collection, continued our Stylish Under $100 series with lamps and helped demystify the different parts of the Lighting Facts label. We also collected tons of great design inspirations and are excited to showcase 10 of them right here. Note that […]

This stunning bar is based on a bygone era of Shanghai's past. See more on LightsOnline Blog!

Quoizel Ribbons - LightsOnline Blog

Quoizel Platinum: 12 Eye-Catching New Lights 1

We recently asked Scott Connell, Quoizel’s director of retail business development, about his favorite new introduction to Quoizel‘s wide-ranging lineup. “One of our favorites would have to be our exciting new Platinum product line,” he said. “Platinum is an exciting new platform of contemporary designs that the consumer may not have expected from Quoizel in […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – April 10

We had a great week over here at Lights Online! On Tuesday, we guest hosted #ColorChat and showcased a great selection of colorful lighting. We also got some input about the past, present and future of lighting from Quoizel and wrapped up our collaboration with Inspired LED by looking at lighting for the great outdoors. […]

This gorgeous space is the atrium of an award-winning library. Read more on LightsOnline Blog!

Outdoor Lighting Ideas with Inspired LED - LightsOnline Blog

Outdoor Lighting Ideas with Inspired LED 2

This is the fourth and final part of the collaboration between Lights Online and Inspired LED! (Previously, we looked at kitchen lighting ideas, living room lighting ideas and bathroom lighting ideas.) Now we’re going to spotlight some smart and eye-catching ideas for lighting the great outdoors using light fixtures you can find from Lights Online […]

An Interview with Scott Connell of Quoizel

Quoizel is one of our favorite lighting brands here at Lights Online. They offer a huge variety of lights for any room and any style, including a wide selection of timeless Tiffany lights. We wanted to learn more about the brand, so we went right to the source. Scott Connell, Quoizel’s director of retail business […]

Quoizel Platinum Countess 18-light Flush Mount

Colorful Lighting Fixtures - LightsOnline Blog

Colorful Light Fixtures for #ColorChat 1

When I was asked to guest host #ColorChat for the second time, I immediately jumped on the opportunity–especially when told the topic would be colorful light fixtures. I often advise people that lighting is a great way to add color and style to a room–plus, it’s easier to change than, say, a paint job if you ever […]