Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – October 24

This week at LightsOnline Blog, we were in a festive holiday sort of mood! We shared 13 fun Halloween lighting projects that are easier to make and talked about the importance of light in the celebration of Diwali. We also showcased a cool eclectic dining room that makes great use of the Sonneman Transparence. Of course, […]

This gorgeous tree has 30 chandeliers in it. Read more on LightsOnline Blog.

This cool eclectic dining room is beautifully lit with a Sonneman Transparence pendant.

Fabulous Friday: Sonneman Transparence

Eclectic Dining Room by Austin Photographers Bryant Hill Media Here’s an adventurous dining room space for someone who isn’t afraid to use patterns and colors! It comes from Austin, the city that proudly proclaims its intent to keep itself weird, but this isn’t weird–it’s just fun. It was also recently featured in a Houzz ideabook on […]

The Beauty of Diwali Lights

Today is a very special occasion for many people around the world and one that involves beautiful and meaningful uses of light. It is Diwali! (You may also see it referred to as Deepavali.) Diwali is a five-day festival in many parts of India and one that involves weeks of preparation. Because of the large […]

Rows of colorful lanterns on Diwali

A cool lighting look for Halloween or Harry Potter! Learn more at LightsOnline Blog.

13 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas 1

So, did you just realize that Halloween is a little more than a week from now? Did you then realize that you don’t have any decorations up in your house, even though you want some–you just can’t think of what to do? We’re here to help. We’re rounding up Halloween lighting ideas for decorating standalone […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – October 17

This week on LightsOnline Blog, we collaborated with Color 911 on things to know for lighting your home, shared Scandinavian design tips and lighting ideas, explored the importance of color temperature in landscape lighting and looked at the juicy Cyan Design Hoshi table lamp in action. It was also a great week for finding design inspirations […]

This high-necked sweater lets people know what you're feeling. Learn more on LightsOnline Blog.

A luscious apple green Cyan Design Hoshi lamp keeps this room from being monochrome. See more on LightsOnline Blog.

Fabulous Friday: Cyan Design Hoshi 1

Transitional Bedroom by Edina General Contractors REFINED LLC Keep an eye out for the continued use of blue, especially darker blues, in design for 2015. Trend posts are already rolling out and High Point Market is underway, after all! If navy going to look as sleek and stylish as this cute and fun kids’ room, then […]

8 Examples of Creative Landscape Lighting 1

Your landscape lighting is the very first thing that makes an impression upon passers-by and visitors when they encounter your home. As a result, well-lit landscapes really stand out from the rest. With any type of lighting installation, there are some guiding principles that apply–and your landscape is no different. But just because there are […]

8 examples of creative landscape lighting - LightsOnline Blog

Scandinavian design ideas and inspirations - LightsOnline Blog

Scandinavian Design Tips and Ideas 1

Celebrated for its minimalist flair and timeless feel, Scandinavian design is a decor mainstay that looks fantastic–whether you live in Stockholm or San Antonio. There are a few different elements that you commonly see in Scandinavian spaces, which we’ll talk about below, and we’ll also take a look at some lighting styles that fit the […]

Design Inspirations: 10 Links You’ll Love – October 10

This week on LightsOnline Blog, we marveled at what people can do with paper and light sources, congratulated the blue LED inventors on their Nobel Prize, went wild with 19 different ways to light a powder room and saw the beautiful sparkle of the Savoy House Florence in action. We also saw some incredible things […]

This big squishy light bulb turns the color of what you place it on...really! Learn more on LightsOnline Blog.

Savoy House Florence chandelier in LightsOnline Blog's Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday: Savoy House Florence

Traditional Dining Room by Charleston Cabinets & Cabinetry Carolina Kitchens of Charleston, Inc. As we move into fall and begin to think about autumn celebrations, Thanksgiving and even (gasp) the holidays (they’ll be here sooner than any of us think), it’s time to take a good look at the place where you might host your […]