Add Dramatic Lighting to Your Home with These French Country Chandeliers from LightsOnline

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French Country Chandeliers

If you need to add some light to a space and want to bring in a dramatic fixture, a chandelier is perfect. They are conversation starters and draw the eye, especially when they are elegant and dramatic. With sweeping lines, a rustic style and evoking classic French design, French country style chandeliers are sure...

Bedroom Decor Trends for 2020

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Bedroom Decor Trends for 2020

Creating a comfy haven in the bedroom has long been a popular design aspiration — but never has it been so important than lately, when anxiety over the pandemic and other surrounding chaos in the world has encouraged family members to carve out their own calming spaces separate from the constant togetherness of quarantine....

What Is RLM Lighting And Why Do I Want It in My Home?

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What Is RLM Lighting And Why Do I Want It in My Home? - LightsOnline Blog

For most consumers, the acronym “RLM” may be a puzzle, but those in the lighting industry know its origins trace back to the Industrial Revolution when factories first began to transform America’s production capabilities. In order to help workers perform their tasks comfortably and with less error, overhead lighting fixtures that could direct light...

Top Trends in Baths for 2020

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Bath Trends 2020 - LightsOnline Blog

The famous TV commercial – “Calgon, take me away!” – still holds up decades later. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have been feeling more stressed than in the years before. Yoga studios and the use of meditation apps were already on the rise; then came the nationwide stay-at-home orders this spring. As many...

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