3 Timeless Lighting Fixtures with a Warm Brass Finish from LightsOnline

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Lighting. Ambiance. Decoration. The lighting fixtures in a room do more than you think. That’s why LightsOnline works to help you find the fixtures you need to bring your home together. A cohesive lighting design with fixtures finished in warm brass can enrich the atmosphere of your home. Warm brass lights from LightsOnline are...

How to Tap Into the Modern Victorian Trend

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How to Tap Into the Modern Victorian Trend

Whether you call it “Modern Victorian,” “New Victorian,” “Victorian Modern,” or even the more fanciful “Nouveau Victorian,” this popular design trend is not your great-grandmother’s decorating style. While the term “Victorian style,” might conjure up images of the white ruffled blouses, tightly cinched corsets, and voluminous skirts popular during Queen Victoria’s reign, the period...

Adding Maximalism to Your Home

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What Light Fixtures Should Each Room Have? - LightsOnline Blog

The adage “Less is more” sums up the popularity of midcentury modern’s minimalist look in home furnishings over the past 10 years, but now the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction. It’s not just lighting and furniture experiencing a Maximalism revival, either. The trend was also highlighted by fashion editors at Women’s Wear...

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