Why You Should Change the Color Temperature of Your Lighting

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When we hear the word “temperature,” most people immediately think of our sense of touch and how something feels — warm, hot, or cold. Lighting, however, is different. “Color temperature” in lighting describes how the light “looks” and subsequently affects us on a psychological level. Light bulb manufacturer Bulbrite defines color temperature as a...

Hugger Ceiling Fans: Small Size, Big Benefits

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The phrase “good things come in small packages” could easily apply to today’s assortment of ceiling fans that have been deliberately designed for small spaces such as laundry rooms, walk-in closets, breakfast nooks, condos, or any home with low (8- or 9-foot) ceilings. These types of ceiling fans are often described as “low-profile,” “flush...

Why Do I Need to Know the Difference Between Wet and Damp-Rated Lighting Fixtures?

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As we learn at a young age, water and electricity don’t play nice together. In fact, water is a conductor of electricity. This means “you can become electricity’s path to the ground if you are touching water that touches electricity,” warns the electric utility Edison International, adding, “It’s important to keep all electrical appliances...

Freshen Up Any Room with Color

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to decorating rooms: go completely neutral for a universally appealing, timeless look, or add spirited personality through bold color. Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks. Too much of a neutral palette generates aesthetic blandness, while too much color can create visual overload. Fortunately, you...

Lighting Trends for 2023: Natural Materials and Sustainability

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Going au naturel – opting for a bare face instead of makeup, choosing natural curls instead of chemical straightening – isn’t just a beauty trend, it’s also a growing preference in home décor. From the popularity of eco-friendly paints, sealants, and adhesives to sustainable and fast-growing natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, and water...

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