How to Create a Well-Lit Kitchen

Kitchen lighting can be tricky. What kinds of light fixtures do you need for each part of the kitchen? Should you be looking for chandeliers for sale or pendant lights? Here is everything you need to know about lighting your kitchen for decoration and accomplishing tasks like food prep.

How to Achieve Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting is what you need to wash the room in light. This is important if you are cooking as it helps transform even the darkest of kitchen caves in a well-lit place for preparing food. Ambient light is usually mounted to the ceiling, in the form of chandeliers, lanterns, pendants and recessed can lights. For larger kitchens, a chandelier is perfect for both lighting the area and adding a touch of elegance.

How to Light Small Kitchens

How to light small kitchens - LightsOnline Blog

For general light in smaller kitchens, skip the chandelier and go with something that hangs closer to the ceiling. Flush mounts and semi-flush mounts are ideal. If you want to create a warm, cozy space in your small kitchen, try using warm white LED bulbs. Be sure the bulbs you are interested in specify a warm color temperature (such as 2700 K) on the label or that a warm color temperature is shown in a fixture’s specifications.

How to Light the Dinner Table

How to light the dinner table - LightsOnline Blog

Illuminate a dinner table with dining room chandeliers for a dramatic effect or choose a linear light (that is much like a chandelier) to get the light you need. Try using one large light fixture hanging down over the table for maximum effect.

How to Light an Island

How to light an island - LightsOnline Blog

Much like with the dining table, you will want hanging lights over the island. There are a few types you can use and pendant lights are the most popular choice. You will likely need more than one pendant light. Mini chandeliers, sometimes called chandelettes, are another popular choice that adds sparkle and opulence to the kitchen. If you want to make an impact, you can use a single large fixture, such as a linear light.

How to Do Under-Cabinet Lighting

How to do under-cabinet lighting - LightsOnline Blog

For under-cabinet lighting, your options include all-in-one linear lighting, modular linear that daisy-chains power from one fixture to another, surface-mounted puck lights, recessed puck lights and LED tape. This is great to help light the area under cabinets, especially when cutting or prepping food, and can also be used to light up glass-front cabinets.

How to Create Accent and Decorative Lighting

How to create accent and decorative lighting - LightsOnline Blog

For accents and decorative lighting, your best bet is sconces. They are a stylish accent used in many kitchens and are commonly found in a matching pair beside a sink, by a pass-through or in any other area that requires focused task lighting. Wall lamps, which are sconces with adjustable necks, are also helpful because the light can be easily moved. This makes them incredibly handy for food preparation or spotlighting a part of the kitchen.

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