Light Up Your Life: A Guide to Common Light Fixtures

How to Incorporate Trending Chandelier Styles in Your Home - LightsOnline Blog

When it comes time to install or upgrade the light fixtures in your home, you have a number of options. Whether you are replacing pendant lights for dining room chandeliers or installing new vanity lights in the bathroom, here are some of the choices you will find for common light fixtures throughout your house.


How to Incorporate Trending Chandelier Styles in Your Home - LightsOnline Blog

One of the most impressive light fixtures, chandeliers can give any room a touch of elegance and will often easily light up a room.

Traditional chandeliers are generally crystal-adorned fixtures that are a focal point of a room. Transitional-style chandeliers are between traditional and modern, showcasing less ornate features. Straight lines and simple curves create a sophisticated design, pairing well with other fixtures. Contemporary chandeliers run the gamut from looking like a crystal confection to a futuristic space-age look. Clean lines, unique shapes and metallic finishes are hallmarks of this style.

You can also find mini chandeliers for smaller spaces. If you want a chandelier with added utility, look for chandeliers with fans, also called fandeliers.

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights - LightsOnline Blog

Pendant lights are one of the most popular light fixtures. They are broadly defined and encompass a number of fixtures. Generally, pendant lights are hanging light fixtures that use a chain, wire, cable or stem. They can be used for directed or ambient lighting.

Drum pendants feature drum-shaped shades, softening the lights’ glow while still being as bright as traditional chandeliers. Bowl pendants have bowl-shaped diffusers with broad bases and open tops, making them ideal for lighting larger spaces. Bell pendants, with a distinct bell-shaped look, are usually seen in foyers and entryways. Mini pendants are small and slender and usually found in multiples.

Flush and Semi-Flush

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Flush ceiling lights and semi-flush ceiling lights are often found in kitchens, either sitting flush with the ceiling or hanging down slightly. These work better in smaller spaces and are sometimes found in multiples, providing ambient or general lighting.

Vanity Lights and Wall Sconces

Wall sconces - LightsOnline Blog

Known by a variety of names, vanity lights are fixtures that use between two to five lights and are mounted above a bathroom mirror. Similarly, wall sconces usually hold a single light and can be found in hallways or kitchens. They come in a variety of styles to match any aesthetic.

Fans with Lights

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

A great option for living rooms and other large rooms is a ceiling fan with a light that can create a breeze while also illuminating the room. There are many collections and styles to choose from, such as Minka Aire fans that offer a touch of elegance with a contemporary flair, or the distinctive Hunter fans that are WiFi-enabled. If you’re looking for a ceiling fan to use outdoors, check to see if your chosen fan is rated for use in damp or wet conditions. Fans with lights are versatile and can be found in many different rooms in the home.

Linear Lights

Often found above kitchen islands, linear lights are not unlike chandeliers, but the lights are in a line that is attached to a frame. They can be traditional or contemporary in style and often have clean lines. They provide a large amount of light, perfect for cooking in the kitchen.

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