How Chandeliers Set the Tone in Your Dining Room

Now is a great time to take a look at your dining room lighting. Do you like what you see or do you feel there is some room for improvement? Adding a new chandelier is the perfect way to set the tone in any room, especially a dining room. A stylish new light can make the difference between a dining room that’s just blah and one that’s just wow.

Here are 5 different chandelier looks to set the tone in your dining room.

1. Traditional crystal chandeliers

How Chandeliers Set the Tone in Your Dining Room - LightsOnline Blog

It’s a classic for a reason: the traditional crystal chandelier is always going to be a beautiful way to light your dining room, especially if you are lighting a formal dining room or one that may only be pressed into service during the holidays. Crystal chandeliers create lots of shimmer and shine, plus they come in a wide variety of sizes and prices. (Learn more about the different crystals used in chandeliers here.)

Pictured above is the Crystorama Maria Theresa 9-light chandelier. You can also check out our full selection of traditional chandeliers.

2. Transitional chic chandeliers

How Chandeliers Set the Tone in Your Dining Room - LightsOnline Blog

If you don’t care for traditional lighting looks, that’s OK! Why not try a transitional chandelier? Transitional is basically the midway point between traditional and contemporary, a best-of-both-worlds that is very versatile and goes with any style of dining table. Transitional styles may or may not include crystals and can incorporate touches from other design trends, like farmhouse or industrial.

Pictured above is the Trade Winds Homewood 5-light chandelier in oil rubbed bronze. You can also browse our full selection of transitional chandeliers.

3. Cool contemporary chandeliers

Contemporary Chandeliers - Set the tone in your dining room - Blog

Maybe you’re not a fan of traditional OR transitional style. Maybe you want something a little more…edgy. Contemporary chandeliers might be the perfect match. These fixtures often rethink the typical look of a chandelier with highly geometric looks, creating bold new silhouettes. Some contemporary fixtures have very stripped-down, minimal styles. Many contemporary chandeliers use LED light sources, allowing for inventive shapes and sizes.

Pictured above is the Kichler Moderne LED chandelier in olde bronze. You can also shop our full selection of contemporary chandeliers.

4. Two chandeliers

Two Chandeliers - Set the tone in your dining room - Blog

Dining rooms with rectangular tables are ideal candidates for using TWO chandeliers instead of one. If you want to do this, you’ll need to make sure you don’t get fixtures that are too big. Measure the width of the table in inches, look for chandeliers that are about 1/3 of the width and then center each chandelier over one half of the table.

Pictured above is the Sea Gull Lighting Carondelet 4-light chandelier in burnt sienna.

5. Think outside the box

Pendants in the Dining Room - Set the tone in your dining room - Blog

Who says you have to use chandeliers in the dining room at all? (We obviously don’t!) What if you find a light you really like, but it’s a pendant? You can definitely use pendants in the dining room! You can try hanging a few in a neat row at the same height, clustering them close together at the same height or staggering the hanging height, as seen here. Some pendants are even sold in multiples that share just one ceiling canopy, making mounting easy.

Pictured above is the Feiss Tabby 1-light pendant in oil rubbed bronze.

Are you ready to set the tone in your dining room? You can also learn how to get the right size chandelier.

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