How to Make Any Room Look Brighter

No matter where you live on the planet, the winter months show us just how dark our living spaces can be when there is less natural light available. Table and floor lamps bring visual comfort to seating areas, but if they’re the only sources of light in the room, there will be pockets of darkness in the corners and along the ceiling, which can make spaces feel and appear smaller.

To create an overall brightness to any room, a flush mount or semi-flush mount (which extends less than 6 inches from the ceiling) is an easy, affordable, and effective solution. While wall sconces can be installed at a height higher than a table or floor lamp, they don’t beat the wide, even coverage that an oversized flush- or semi-flush ceiling fixture provides — plus you would need more than one sconce. When light is coming down from directly above, it brightens a larger area below than these other lamps can.

How to Make Any Room Look Brighter - LightsOnline Blog
This Hinkley Axel ceiling light is nearly 6 feet wide. Yes, six feet!

Today’s open floor plans and larger rooms require oversized flush- and semi-flush mounts to provide enough light and keep the aesthetics balanced. Fortunately, there are many new generously proportioned ceiling fixtures on the market that will complement every decorating style as well as those that are a perfect neutral, able to blend into any room scheme without distracting from the rest of the décor.

The room’s size might play a part in the style of flush- and semi-flush mount you choose. For a larger space that requires more light, select a flush- or semi-flush mount that has a clear shade for maximum light output — but make sure it’s dimmable so you have the ability to lower the light level and minimize any glare.

How to Make Any Room Look Brighter - LightsOnline Blog
You can also consider ceiling lights with opal glass shades for glare-lessening powers. Photo credit: Doreen Corrigan

If your space is average size and the overhead lighting won’t be doing all of the heavy lighting lifting in the room (meaning you have table or floor lamps or sconces nearby to supplement it), a flush- or semi-flush mount with an opaque shade will offer enough illumination for the living area below.

How to Make Any Room Look Brighter - LightsOnline Blog
The opaque shade on the Crystorama Broche is a great choice in this home office because it is well-lit.

You can find flush- and semi-flush mount lighting fixtures in a wide array of styles and sizes at – all with competitive pricing and fast shipping!

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