Do Ceiling Fans Work in the Winter?

Do ceiling fans work in the winter?

Yes! Ceiling fans are great for the summer, keeping a room comfortable by spinning counterclockwise and creating a breeze. They don’t change the temperature of a room, but moving the air can help make a space feel more comfortable.

It may surprise you, but ceiling fans, such as Casablanca fans, work just as well in the winter as they do in the summer. Not only do they work well, but they can also save you energy and money during the cold months. The key is in reversing the spin direction of the blades.

To Warm a Room in Winter, Reverse the Ceiling Fan’s Spin Direction

Basic science tells us that warm air rises. You might notice that the upper levels and attic of your home are usually warmer than the lower levels. Warm air created by your heating system rises, displaced by cool air sinking to the floor.

Typically, in the summer, the ceiling fan pushes air down to create a breeze and prevent warm air from settling. By reversing the spin direction of the ceiling fan to clockwise in winter, cool air can be pulled up, displacing the warm air with an updraft. This helps redistribute warm air around the room and back toward you and your family.

Using Ceiling Fans in Winter Can Save Energy on Heating

Running a ceiling fan can be cheaper than running a furnace or air conditioner. By redistributing the warm air around the room, a ceiling fan can supplement your furnace by keeping a room heated evenly. You can then turn the thermostat down, saving energy and money by not running the furnace as much.

It’s best to use models with efficient airflow, such as windmill ceiling fans, to better redistribute the warm air in a room. Use a low setting to push the warm air around, and the gentle airflow of warm air circulating can make a big difference.

Quorum Mykonos ceiling fan - Do ceiling fans work in the winter? - LightsOnline Blog
The Quorum Mykonos is an example of a windmill style fan.

How to Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Reversing the direction of the blades should be a simple, straightforward process. Turn the ceiling fan off completely and let the blades come to a full stop. Then, find the direction switch, usually located on the motor housing. You may need to search around or remove a few screws, depending on the model of your ceiling fan, to find the switch.

After flipping the switch, you can turn the ceiling fan back on and bask in the warm breeze. When you leave the room, turn it off, because it will not distribute the warm air to other rooms in the house and you need to be in the room to take advantage of the warm air circulating.

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